Legal services & the legal profession

Barristers, attorneys and notaries comprise the legal practitioners of the legal profession in Mauritius.

Whilst all notaries and attorneys must undertake the vocational course and exams conducted by the Council for Vocational and Legal Education in Mauritius, barristers may opt to to undertake their vocational courses and examinations locally or  in any  institution offering the bar vocational course i in the UK.

Upon successful completion of their vocational courses, all prospective barristers, attorneys or notaries must undergo pupillage with a pupil master who reckons at least 10 years standing at the bar.

The Law  Practitioners Act 1984 was amended in 2008 to allow foreign law firms to set up joint law venture law firms with local law practitioners.  Several international law firms have since been authorised by the Attorney General's Office to operate in Mauritius.

Earlier this year, the amendments to  the Finance (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 2016  now allow global law firms to be licensed by the Financial Services Commission of Mauritius to offer global legal advisory services   i.e  legal services pertaining to global business, international arbitration, corporate law, taxation law and foreign and international law.